Project Description

Type of project: International partnerships between Irish health organisations and their counterparts overseas to strengthen health systems and improve health outcomes. The focus is to provide quality services through knowledge generation, sharing best practice, collaboration, and advocacy. Preference is given to partnerships which aim to strengthen the capacity of health institutions to address local health priorities and contribute to health systems strengthening and universal health coverage.
Location: Preference for all funding awards will be given to Irish Aid key partner countries: Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Liberia; to other Irish Aid key partner countries, e.g. Zambia, Malawi and Uganda as well as countries in which the Irish Health Service Executive is engaged with through formal agreements e.g. Mozambique, Sudan, Zambia.
Eligibility: Irish hospitals, hospital groups, other service-delivery institutions, primary care facilities, public health institutions, training bodies and research institutions that have an established partnership with a counterpart overseas institution in a low-or middle-income country may apply. Higher priority is given to partnerships in countries with official Government links.
Grant size: There are two grant types: Band 1: Innovation Grants – up to €10,000 which focus on supporting established health partnerships; Band 2: Development Grants – up to €8,000 to enable new and emerging health partnerships to develop their partnership.
Deadline: 30 April