Project Description

Type of project: Innovative projects that address one of three U.S. foreign policy objectives: Empowering Women and Girls – through educational, entrepreneurship, health, or professional development opportunities; Supporting Civil Society Organizations – Projects (1) strengthen management and public engagement capacity of civil society organizations and promote political and civil participation; (2) enhance government accountability and information access for the public; or (3) promote exchange and cooperation with U.S. higher education institutions; Enabling Business Environment – Projects (1) promote or develop best practices in business and entrepreneurship for youth and create or strengthen networking among youth entrepreneurs; (2) promote Botswana’s transition to a knowledge-based economy, including activities in research and development; or (3) increase Botswana’s awareness and utilization of the African Growth and Opportunity Act.
Location: Botswana
Eligibility: Registered not-for-profit groups, associations, NGOs, faith- or community-based organizations that are well established, operating for at least one year may apply.
Grant size: $25,000
Deadline: 27 March