Volunteering: Nesrin’s story

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Volunteering: Nesrin’s story

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Volunteering isn’t just a way of getting into the career you want – it can enrich your life and give you much-needed confidence, too.

Nesrin Hasen came to Cardiff from Sudan as an asylum seeker, and is now settled in the city with her family who have refugee status. With a background in science and education, she was keen to gain confidence, try something new and build a sense of achievement in her new home, and so started work as a part-time volunteer at Hub Cymru Africa in March 2019.

“From the very beginning I was very happy to be part of this organisation, since we have done amazing things!” says Nesrin.

“Volunteering has a real and valuable positive effect on people, community and society in general. My aims were to achieve my personal goals, practice, use my skills and discover hidden talents. It was a very good opportunity for me to meet different people and make new friends especially because I was new in the UK.”

Mother-of-two Nesrin has worked on several different projects and tasks as part of her volunteering work at Hub Cymru Africa, including preparing materials for events, collating feedback from event attendees and being part of a development strategy workshop. Being able to participate in events and express different ideas has been the most interesting thing for her, and she has been inspired to raise awareness of topics such as human trafficking from her time spent volunteering:

“I attended an event about human trafficking which it was a great talk and discussion. I learnt about these terms and the issues involved for the first time. This was a great opportunity to express different ideas and exchange knowledge. After learning about this I felt determined to raise awareness about this issue.”

Nesrin also had the opportunity through her volunteer work to deliver a presentation to all staff at the Temple of Peace about the revolution in Sudan, a topic very close to her heart.

“I felt proud to represent my country and the protesters voice outside Sudan in a building that aims to promote peace in Cardiff,” she said.  “At that time Sudanese protesters experienced extreme violence from the military and government for asking for their rights as human beings. My friends and family in Sudan were directly involved in demonstrations. I helped to organise solidarity marches in Cardiff with my community and supporters.”

Nesrin credits her time volunteering at Hub Cymru Africa with helping her in her future career, as well as helping her share her story with her new community in Wales.

“I felt that I was respected, cared for, and was supported the whole time. This experience will definitely help me a lot in my career and my future and gave inspiration to help my community through sharing knowledge and cultural exchange.”

We welcome volunteering applications from people from all backgrounds, and can help identify a placement to match your skills and experience. If you’d like to speak to our team about volunteering, email enquiries@hubcymru.org.uk to start the conversation.